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A safe, trusted, collaborative community that supports the well-being of artists online and offline


"Artists are the cultural architects of society. There is a direct correlation between the messages that are delivered through music, film, television and gaming and the society that is manifested. I believe that when artists thrive – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially – they can have a significant and positive impact on society. Artistology was created to support the well-being of artists. When the artist thrives, humanity survives!"

Tammy McCrary, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer


Source: Can Music Make You Sick? Music and Depression: A Study into the Incidence of Musicians’ Mental Health and Substance Abuse and Creativity: Is There a Link?

What if it didn't have to be this way?

What if there was a place where you could connect with mental wellness support anonymously and conveniently right from your smartphone? What if there was a place where you could connect and collaborate with other artists who get you? What if there was an exclusive, safe and trusted community offering resources just for you? What if there was a place where your well-being is what matters most?

Artistology is that place, where artists thrive

Offering one-to-one, collaborative and group conversations about topics that you care about and that support your well-being.

Connect with mental wellness support anonymously, securely, and conveniently right from your smartphone via text, phone call or video.

We are your tribe

It's time you had a community that's your own, where you feel at home, no matter where you go.

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